Inverter replacements

Frequently asked questions about solar inverter replacements

The projected lifespan of Solar Inverters is between 10 and 15 years. As soon as your Inverters show any kind of faults then it’s time to replace them. It definitely isn’t worth risking putting your home in danger or even it not being financially viable.

Our advice would be to only invest in replacing your system when you have to. This will be when the inverters stop performing at their full potential. As always the less work done on your system, the fewer issues are likely to appear.

Solar Inverter Replacement Cost can be costly; an Inverter can cost anywhere between £500 to £1500. This price will depend on the system, but mostly down to the Solar Panels and the power output. There are also many types of Inverter, so price may even come down to the specific inverter you need.

Luckily, Solar Maintenance Solutions offer the cheapest solar PV inverter replacement cost in UK.

Inverters can most certainly be repaired by a solar inverter replacement company like Solar Maintenance Solutions. Thankfully our solar inverter repairs service covers any problem or fault with your system.

Although you can definitely replace a solar inverter by yourself, it is not recommended if you have no experience. This is because there are many technicalities to it and it is important to note it won’t just be for

The number one reason to Inverters failing is actually down to the initial installation. A rule of thumb which needs to be followed is that the panel capacity should be 133% of the inverter capacity. Otherwise the system will be set up to fail if it does not follow this.

It is so crucial to keep control of the system too, as you don’t want it overheating. This may lead to grid faults, hence why you need to keep dust filters as clean as possible.

Despite the fact that electricity is involved, Solar Systems do not need to be serviced that much at all. This includes maintenance, but we do recommend an annual service to see how well functioning yours is.

As a result, this will immediately flag any issue and solve it as soon as it is discovered.

Dirty Solar Panels can still generate electricity yet lose 20% to 25% of their energy output. So we recommend getting these cleaned as soon as possible and potentially looking at maintenance solutions too. Luckily maintenance comes under Solar Maintenance Solution’s solar inverter repairs service.

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